Addicted (On It)


  • Release dateFebruary 2, 2018
  • LabelDHB Records
  • Written byDujo
  • Produced byDujo

I been doin’ this since B2K was still ridin’ coattails off Omarion’s sound
Me and P-Clipse, ya, we wrote to the beats, then we rolled through the streets, straight Mardi Gras style
Back when anyone who said the word “Kardi” wasn’t talkin’ bout “B”, they was talkin’ bout “nal”
When you talkin’ about me, you better talk about how, I don’t even smoke weed, but you know I got the loud, look

I done fell in love the coco
I ain’t really one for the coke though
Big booty women like Coco
They be comin’ round when your flow dope
Money, tryna get it by the boatload
Man, I’m tired of livin’ on the low low
But I’m tryna get it on my own though
I ain’t really fuckin’ wit these niggas, oh no
Couple hunnid g’s of the cash
Nigga, I’m still schemin’ for that
That’s why I’m still livin’, breathin this rap
But I could never do it all for the cash
Really, I just do it all for the passion
So you don’t even gotta ask if
I’m still in the music game
That’s one thing that’ll never change

My shit, legit, I’ve been, on it
Your chick, my dick, she stay, on it
That liq, one sip, I be, on it
Still addicted to the game, still, on it

Ain’t lookin’ for a deal, already signed myself
So fuck however you feel, this shit is comin’ out
Every other week I drop another song
And then I hit the streets, where I belong, I’m talkin’
Late nights – me and my team, dHb’s at the afterpartiy
We be rollin’ down Queen street with three chicks, some weed, and a bag of molly
And we don’t stop til the day, til we on top of the game
But no matter what, there’s one thing that’ll never change


Still addicted to the game now, girl
Still tryna do my thing now, girl
Still tryna do my thing now, girl
(Still addicted to the game, still, on it)


My whole life’s been sacrificed
So you ain’t never gotta ask me twice
If I still be into rap, nigga, that’s my life
This is not a motherfuckin’ passing vice, na
It’s more similar to “Passion of Christ”
Every time I spit, it feel like crack in a pipe
And I’m just tryna get a hit so let me back on the mic, damn
I think I’m too far gone now
Everybody’s sayin “what is Dujon on now”?
“Every other week, he got a new song, calm down”
This shit is my bong, pal, you know what I’m talmbout
Spittin true talk now, you know I’m star-bound
Tryna get the coupe with the roof all gone down
Tryna give you proof, I’m the truth, I’ve gone wild
Nigga wit the bomb sound, word to my mom now, damn


In every way, you can think, I stay, on it
Every day, never change, I remain, on it
Cuz the way, I was raised, was to stay, on it
Still addicted to the game, still, on it