Jungle Love


  • Release dateMay 11, 2017
  • LabelDHB Records
  • Written byDujo
  • Produced byDujo


Jungle love, anywhere we are
Is gon’ feel real tropical, steamin’ hot
People gon’ say what they like, whether it’s wrong
Or if it’s right – either way it’s what I’m on
That jungle love

I could never give a shit about what you say
Me, I’m more the type to be like, “man, deuces”
It’s somthin’ bout that juxtaposition
That make me wanna get you in every position

So many evolutions, how could I ever choose just
One to be my solution, oh (for the love)
But if I had a favourite, without a hesitation
You know which one I’m takin’ home (for…)


Comin’ from my city, this ain’t never been a new thing
It’s nothin’ to see a brother rubbin’ up a brunette
Or beautiful redheads and blonde ones
Findin’ one ain’t never been a problem