Mine Forever


  • Release dateSeptember 8, 2017
  • LabelDHB Records
  • Written byDujo
  • Produced byDujo


She said, “who knew it could be so lit”
“Don’t nobody else know how to throw down that D for shit”
I said “you know who to go to for that decent dick”
But one time and it’s mine, yeah it’s mine for life

Yeah girl, I think we gon’ have to throw it back
Yeah girl, cuz you love the way I blow your back
Yeah girl, listen, we don’t have to be together
You won’t find nobody better, fuck with me once, you’re mine forever

Mine forever, yeah girl, yeah you’re mine forever
Mine forever, yeah, fuck with me once, you’re mine forever
Yeah girl, listen, we don’t, gotta, be together
You won’t, find no, body, better, fuck with me once, you’re mine forever

I told her come and get with me, let’s go
Hop in the whip and then we can just roll
But first I think there’s somethin you should know
Thought I was catchin a feelin but no
I spend all my time tryna chase a cheque
And I aint got no time for relationships
So you can go clubbin – go try to get some good lovin’
I know you gon’ hit my line, tellin’ me it’s mine (mine for life)



When you see me on road, even if you wit a new man
You aint even gotta introduce him – I aint tryna make a new friend
I’m still with the same old plan, call me over when you ready to get to seducin’
I’ma.. I’ma get the juice and then we, we gon’ link up, we gon’ tie up loose ends
Once mine, always mine, I know that you with it, girl, don’t waste time
Take you to the crib, in my homie’s ride, if we don’t make it upstairs, then the hallway’s fine
You know I’m the one and only guy to get up, deep inside, all blinds get wet up
Probly why, on our first time together, she said, “fuck wit me once, you’re mine forever”